Web site development

We develop the website suitable for the needs of each company through the involvement of various divisions. The texts are written by our team of copywriters with a careful study of the keywords in SEO logic. Our graphic designers create a captivating layout that reflects the identity of the company, enhancing its contents. Our programmers optimize all features on a technical level.


We have created and developed our e-commerce platform called Aroundlab, easy to navigate, customizable according to the needs of each company and able to improve the final customer’s shopping experience.

App and Software

Our IT division develops Apps and custom software with native codes. Our Web designers study layouts and graphics in line with the brand identity.

Booking Engine

Aroundhotel is a product of BSO Group that transforms the hotel website into a real travel portal. Our Booking Engine is an innovative solution that allows you to book services such as flights, trains, car rent, restaurants and theaters directly from the site without having to visit other portals. A single tool that transforms a simple website into an integrated travel portal, thus meeting the needs of 2.0 travellers.

Channel Manager

The Channel Manager is the software that makes management of all travel portals simple and intuitive. As it is well known, it is important to register with the major tourism portals (OTA) not only to increase bookings and to sell their own structure on the web, but above all to achieve greater visibility, passive and direct, of their website. It is therefore necessary to optimize the extranet management of each individual portal in order to promptly report its availability and rates, avoiding over-booking or disparity installations.
Our Channel Manager is able to automate all these operations, ensuring the simultaneous opening and closing of the various travel portals from a single control panel. The software we have developed is distinguished by the technology used, the ease of use and its reliability.


Our copywriter division interprets the identity, the strategies and the mission of every company through the elaboration of texts. The collaboration with the art director allows to develop the concept creating naming, slogan, claim and payoff to be used on all communication channels.

Social Media Marketing

We take care of the integrated communication on the most followed social channels, we create graphic images and contents that enhance the qualities of each reality. We explain the people who are part of the team, the benefits of products and services, the mood and the mission, the events and then interact with the followers, responding to comments and reviews.

Adv Campaigns

We have a division dedicated to the creation of advertising campaigns on Google, Facebook, Instagram and LinkedIn. We develop strategies based on the objectives and the target to be achieved. The management of these campaigns requires constant monitoring and the use of optimization techniques.

Customer care online

We provide instant feedback to reviews, messages, tags and user registrations on all channels: TripAdvisor, Google My Business, Instagram and Facebook. Customer care activities increase customer engagement and improve brand reputation. By creating ChatBOT, an artificial intelligence software, it is possible to provide feedback to customers’ requests, to communicate offers and scheduled events.

Press office

We develop effective press releases, edited on an editorial and content levels. We maintain daily relations with journalists from the most important national and international newspapers. We collaborate with important bloggers and influencers.


We study and create the company logo in line with the identity of the concept. We develop every type of graphic material and provide a fast and personalized printing service to satisfy every type of request. We follow the process from the execution of the production, the choice of the material to the installation.


We perform professional photographic services for images that complete the editorial line and enhance the brand. We collaborate with photographic professionals specialized in interiors, landscapes, portraits, food, fashion and documentaries.

Inside Marketing

We develop customized geomarketing strategies.
We analyze the target through focus groups.
We develop with you the marketing plan and we take care about its realization through Inbound Marketing, aimed at making the company visible and interesting on the web while Outbound Marketing is aimed at identifying and contacting potential customers.
We provide a database of over 15,000 contacts or create databases from scratch, depending on your needs.
We communicate through the newsletter and the LinkedIn platform in an incisive and continuous way and monitor its effectiveness through recalling activities.
We manage your communication channels and study the customer expectation of the online sales segment, thus becoming your outsourced Sales & Marketing office.


We support our clients from the definition of the format, to the choice of the location and the elaboration of the product offer, with feasibility studies and expansion plans. We collaborate with numerous partners (architectural firms, interior design, real estate agencies, suppliers) to offer complete advice.

Funnel Marketing

The term funnel (funnel) is used to simulate the path that leads people along the entire purchasing process through 4 main phases: discovery of the product / service, interest, consideration and purchase.
Different tools are used for each of these phases to make sure that, given a base of potential customers, an appropriate number of people complete their purchase process. The steps described are also performed online and every company that offers a product or service can take advantage of the tools available on the web to make the whole purchase process to their target, with the advantage of being able to automate the process.

The tools we use to achieve concrete objectives are content creation, Search Engine Marketing (SEM),
Social media marketing and advertising, Creation of Landing Page and automated Email marketing.